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Aka Høegh Aka Høegh
Prs. Benediktesvej 297
3920 Qaqortoq
Grønland (Greenland)

T: +299 642500
M: +299 27289962

1947 in Qullissat, Greenland

Guest student at Academy of Arts in Copenhagen - apart from that a selftaught artist.

Separate Exhibitions:
Greenland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Alaska, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Norway. - Group exhibitions over most of Europe. Represented Greenland in "Scandinavia Today" in the USA, Mexico and Lithuania.

Kobberstiksamlingen, Statens Kunstfond, Ny Carlsbergfonden, Rijksmuseet - Nederland, Nationalmuseet - Iceland, Landsmuseet - Greenland, and at a number of museums in Denmark.

Public Works:
Relief outside the Workers' Folk High School in Qaqortoq. Altar and font in the new church of Maniitsoq. Altar, font and ceiling painting in the new church in Ammassalik. Entrance part of the town hall in Nuuk. The town council hall in Qaqortoq. The assembly hall in the High School in Qaqortoq. The chimney of the new power plant in Qaqortoq. Stained glass mosaic to the entrance hall of the Greenland House in Aalborg.

Received Grants From:
Statens Kunstfond, The Danish Greenlandic Culture Fund, Jens Rosing's Grant, The Nordic Culture Fund, Goldschmidt's Grant, Nordic Institute, Heerup's Grant, Anne Marie Telmaneie's Fund, Eikhoff's Grant, The Greenlandic Home Rule's Culture Prize 1989. Honour Legate from C.L. Davids Fund.

Nearest Future:
As member of the international artist group "Art for Life" Aka Høegh is going to cooperate with eleven other artists this summer in Elche in Spain. Here the group will paint the world's largest painting 24.644 sqm.

Info: "The Ice" 2003, Oil on canvas, 200x500 cm

Info: "The Ice" (Detail) 2003

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